Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aunt Cattie Hopper Davenport

Back in the late 1920’s, my grandma, Clara Hopper, hired a couple of friends to drive her and my great-grandparents up into the Jane, Missouri area to visit the Hopper connections. Clara was interested at an early age in kinfolks and wanted to see all the old homeplaces and visit family. (She passed her interest and information on down to me.) My great-grandfather’s oldest sister, Catherine (Hopper) Davenport (she was known as Cattie) was getting on up in years at that time, and I understand they spent a couple of days at her house. This snapshot was taken during that trip. It shows my great-grandmother, Ora (Evans) Hopper on the left, my great-grandfather, Meredith Hopper, and Aunt Cattie. I have a number of other pictures taken on this trip, including one of Clara with Aunt Cattie’s spinning wheel. My grandma said that Aunt Cattie continued her spinning during most of the time they visited, and she was almost blind. I have another picture my grandma took of her grandson, Bluford Davenport, who lived nearby.

This post is for my newly-found distant cousin, Carol, who was also the first follower on this blog. Thanks, Carol, and I hope you enjoy seeing this picture.

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Carol said...

I LOVE it and thank you so much!!! I love this picture! Aunt Ann gave me a copy of the picture with the spinning wheel. I don't have any of the names of Aunt Cattie's children. I take it that Bluford was her son? I also didn't know she was almost blind. Keep thinking of me and add a little "Hopper" post once in awhile ;-)
Thanks again, you made my day!

Anonymous said...

My family was also kin to the Davenports.lroitsch63@hotmail.com