Sunday, August 31, 2008

Clara and Cleo Hopper in the 1920s

This snapshot is Clara Beatrice Hopper taken about 1926 at Sapulpa, Oklahoma. She's showing off both her skirt and her legs. Clara was my Grandma Mills. At this time, she was a young single woman with many admirers. She worked as a telephone operator in Sapulpa for a number of years until she married my Grandpa in 1933. She sent most of her earnings home to help her parents provide for their younger children. During her time in Sapulpa, which was then a boomtown, she lived with her aunt, Mrs. Jimmie (Evans) Thompson. This happy shot is taken from one of Clara’s old photo albums, which is filled with images documenting her flapper days in Sapulpa.

The other shot is Clara, taken with her younger sister, Cleo (on the left), just a couple of years later, about 1928. Cleo also worked at the phone company in Sapulpa. My Grandma Clara passed away August 13, 1979, only 36 days after my Grandpa died, and is buried at Memory Gardens Cemetery in my hometown of Pampa, Texas. Aunt Cleo died in 1989 and is buried at the Archer City, Texas Cemetery.

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Anonymous said...

Stephen, All the old photos you have here are great. Lovely display of the fashion that was so popular then.

Stephen said...

Thanks, Charlene. I'll be adding more photos and stories as I have time. I'm also really fond of the 1920s photos. Stephen

Carol said...

Oh My! I have this same photo of Clara and Cleo! They were my Dad's cousins. I am Carol Hopper Keesling, Dad was James G. Hopper Jr. Son of James G. Hopper Sr., brother to Meredith Hopper. I have been working on my genealogy for some time and received this picture from my Aunt Ann Hopper Roberts a few years ago. Aunt Ann passed away at the age of 94 last week. Love to keep in touch with you.

Stephen said...

Hi, Carol. Great to hear from you. I sent you an e-mail today and would also like to stay in touch. Sorry to hear that Ann passed away - we corresponded several years ago and I sent her this picture, and others, at that time. Stephen