Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome to my new blog

Hello and thanks for visiting my new genealogy and family history blog. The focus of my new little corner of cyberspace will be to update my fellow researchers and relatives on my current research activities, share tips and ideas, exchange information with commenters, and share family stories and photographs. I'm proud of the materials and information I've compiled over the last 33 years. I'm also excited about the persistent brick walls I've managed to chip away at recently, and I hope to continue my progress in answering so many of the questions that have plagued me over the years.

For those who don't know, I began this wonderful journey in genealogy and history in June 1975, just prior to my 12th birthday. At that time, I was lucky to have all four grandparents, two great-grandparents, and scores of great and great-great aunts and uncles living, not to mention all the cousins of various degrees. The downside was my inexperience caused me to neglect asking many important questions, as well as failing to meticulously record and catalog my findings. In those early years, my research, analysis, and writing skills were also undeveloped. It amuses (and mildly annoys) me when I see material posted on Ancestry and elsewhere on the web that I know originated from me, years ago, because who can best recognize their own errors but the one who erred? Much of my information, complete with errors and unfounded assumptions, that was compiled in the mid-1980's has found its way literally around the world since then.

This is a great time to be involved in historical, local, and genealogical research. I will post regularly and I hope you will visit often.

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